Sculpture Art & Its Influence in Modern Times

The most enduring and, arguably, the greatest form of fine art known to man, sculpture has played a major role in the evolution of civilizations over time. Traditional sculpture had four main defining characteristics. It was the only three-dimensional art form. It was representational. It was viewed as an art of solid form. And lastly traditional sculptors used only two main techniques: carving or modelling. However, the modern era art of sculpture is no longer restricted by traditional sculptural concepts, materials or methods. Modern day art is continuously evolving and sculpture is still the leading method of expressing and commemorating people and events.

Expressing yourself with the stroke of a brush

Painting are reminders of what work can two bare hands produce in this digital age. Our work is guaranteed to cure your eyeball boredom with some stunning creative work. To continually cure your eyeball boredom, we keep tabs on the best creative work on the Internet. We believe in appreciating and celebrating art and all things visual – art, data, design, infographics, photography, motion graphics, interactives, etc and the people who create them. But much of what we curate and showcase comes from our continuous researching and journey around the web. Our latest powerful floral portraits, by a lesser known Japanese artist are sure to amaze you.

A Short Guide for the Individual Musicians

Independent musician who has created some wonderful solos but can’t get it out to your listeners? Here’s what you can do to make your audio – visible on music streaming websites. The editorial team of any music streaming company are the toughest gatekeepers to get through so make sure publish your artwork to them.  Demonstrating your work to playlist curators will surely earn you and your work the repute of a genuine artist. In-order-to get noticed begin by uploading your songs onto social media to catch the attention of these influential curators. The more popularity you gain on social media the more, music curators start looking out for your music.