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4 Types Of Printmaking Popular In The Market

Woodcut is the oldest style of printmaking that is done by carving a graphic into a wooden surface. This surface is then inked as well as printed.

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This is a modern type of woodcut that is made by using linoleum. The softness of this material provides clean, free, and enhanced amounts of fluid lines. Saul Steinberg prints is a popular printmaking company that got its name after the name of a popular artist, Late Saul Steinberg.


To create this printmaking style, artists draw a composition on the wax-coated plate of metal. Then the plate will be kept in the acid so as to soak it. The acid helps in corroding the area that is exposed and leaves the wax whole and unbroken. When the plate is pressed or inked, then the paper absorbs the graphic completely in reverse. Saul Steinberg prints provide a wide range of printmaking techniques to the people worldwide.


This is a form of a less forgiving type of etching. In this procedure, artists cut the image directly on a metal plate. This metal plate is then passed on to inking and finally printing procedure is carried out.


Here artists produce images by drawing, painting, or manipulating ink to form a composition on a smooth surface. This surface is created in reverse.

If you are looking for printmaking technique, then it is important to carry out an extensive research of the available printing types.

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